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Gainesville Improv Guild


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is a collaboration of performers focused on short and long-form improvisational comedy. Our goal is to help build, nurture, and sustain Gainesville's comedy community by performing improv comedy in a safe and positive environment and giving access to improv and other comedic avenues to all who are interested. If you're interested in giving improv a try or you want to return to playing improv, how about giving GIG's Community Improv a try? :-)

All of us at GIG believe that improv can truly help people in their daily lives from their youthful days through their senior days. And that is why we partner with individuals who offer classes for a diverse age group and for all levels of experience for improvisation as well as stand-up comedy.

GIG also believes in giving back and being active within the community. This is why we perform several benefit shows a year highlighting various non-profit and community beneficial organizations. We believe that by connecting people from different communities can only bring more awareness and cooperation.

If you're looking to become a better performer, a more comfortable and effective public speaker, or you want to join in a vibrant community and make new friends, all while engaging in something truly exciting then GIG just may be for you!


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