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Gainesville Improv Guild Academy (GIGA) Instructors

Directing Experience: 10 years
Teaching Experience: 7 years
Performing Experience: 20+ years

Jeffrey Paul Jurgens

GIGA Instructor
GIGA Instructor

     Jeff first performed improv in the early 1980s in high school. He has performed and directed in Los Angeles, various locations while serving in the U.S. Navy, and Florida.
     Jeff started performing stand-up comedy in Los Angeles in 1998 at the Ice House and con-tinues to perform whenever he has something new to say.
     He most recently taught improv and stand-up comedy for beginners through Santa Fe College Community Education and the Doris Bardon Community Cultural Center.
     As a Trainer at a major corporation in his day job, he has many years of facilitation 

     Jeff loves serving as the Director of GIG.


    D'Arcy Truluck

GIGA Instructor
GIGA Instructor

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Adjunct Instructors
New Heights Improv


Stephanie Norman


Stephanie has an eclectic teaching background. With ten years of experience as an early childhood educator, she has also taught in conjunction with Santa Fe Community College and Florida 4-H improv theatre courses for teenagers as well as adults. 

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