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     Learn how to create and perform stand-up comedy! This class focuses on writing, editing, rehearsing, and performing authentic stand-up comedy that only you can create! Below is a full description of the class. Click here if you would like us to answer any questions and/or to let us know you are interested in taking the Stand-Up Comedy for Beginners Class.

This is a very long description. It has to be to give you the information you need to understand what you are getting yourself into. :-)


Class info


This is a high demand, low seat class, so please let me know if you intend to take the class as soon as possible so we can fill it up (5-7 participants). 


8 Wednesday evening sessions, 2 1/4 hours each.

1st class is Wednesday, July 10th, 7pm-9:15pm

Last class is Wednesday, August 28th, 7pm-9:15pm

Graduation Performance: Wednesday September 4th, 7:30pm

8 Wednesday evening sessions, 2 1/4 hours each.

1st class is Wednesday, September 11, 7pm-9:15pm

Last class is Wednesday, October 30th, 7pm-9:15pm

Graduation Performance: Wednesday November 6th, 7:30pm


Location:    The suite right next to where Community Improv is held

                Laugh Local HQ

                4908 NW 34th Blvd, Suite 10, Gainesville, FL 32605

                It's in the same plaza as Dolce Vita Bakery

                Located in the corner of the plaza


Some of the below information gets into the nitty gritty and can seem heavy. Just know that this class is a lot of fun and is designed to assist the participants to learn how to express themselves in a comedic way. Therefore, this class is loaded with laughter. And I can't wait!


Before we get to the registration/cost information, please read the details about this class. By registering for this class, you are indicating that you understand and agree with the below information.


Class Philosophy and Expectations

This class will prepare you how to craft and perform a stand-up comedy routine that is authentically yours. It will teach you how to write comedy from your point of view about the reality in which you live. We will also focus on how you present your material on stage.


I place heavy emphasis on writing, editing, rehearsing, comedic theories, and stage presence. I will not focus on "joke-writing." I use a self-reflective comedy style approach to writing for this class.


Because of the nature of this class and the self-reflective comedy writing style I teach, people will often share emotionally charged and explicit information about how they view their own experiences and the world. The intention of this class and all of its participants is to shape our self-reflective writings into stand-up comedy material. Whatever is shared is to be discussed only from that perspective. In this way, we can assist each other to create the best routines possible and avoid judging and censoring each other's art and life choices.


As well, the information shared and discussed in this class will stay in this class. Trust must be maintained in order for the creative process to be available for all involved.


At no time will any of the material written or performed be targeted at anyone in the class. As well, we will always strive to speak to each other in a kind and authentic way. We are all students of life and comedy, and we will approach each other with respect.


An important part of participating in this class is preparing for the graduation performance. And the space in which the class is held will help prepare you for that as we have a stage, microphone, PA, lights and all. We'll make sure we cover everything you need to put on a great first performance!


This class takes a committed amount of time and energy outside of class on your own. We will do some writing, editing, and rehearsing during class, but that is not enough time to craft a polished routine for an audience in 8 weeks. You will have to commit at least two hours a week outside of class in order to be prepared to perform in front of a live audience.


The 9th week is the graduation performance in front of a live audience!


Lastly, you are encouraged and expected to help promote the graduation show via social media, word of mouth, and distributing flyers. By telling your friends, family, co-workers, and strangers about your show, and encouraging them to buy tickets, you are investing in yourself. That will put you in the right frame of mind. Also, the larger the audience, the more laughter possible. :-) As a point of reference, the March 2023 class had a sold out performance with an audience close to 150 people. The October 2023 class had 75 people, the March of 2024 class had 117 people. All were great audiences for the performers.


Having said all of that, I can't wait to be a part of your journey to the stage!


By registering for this class, you understand and agree to the above.


To Register

You can register by simply clicking here and letting us know that you are going to take the class and by what method & when you intend to pay.


Payment Options

To allow the class to be affordable to as many people as possible and to pay for the rental of the space and to compensate for the facilitation, we have created a price range that you can choose to pay:



You can pay from $100-$200 based on what fits your budget as well as the value you place on this experience. And this journey is quite the experience!


To Pay (or not toupee):

Please register as soon as possible by clicking here and letting us know you intend to take the class and when/how you intend to pay. 

If you prefer to pay a little at a time, you can start paying now and extend the payments beyond when the class starts.

You can pay via (info below) Venmo, Cash or Check in person. You will be considered registered for the class when you send an email indicating how and when you intend to pay.


If you are paying via cash or check, we can set a place/time for payment. You can also pay in person at Community Improv on Tuesdays, as well.


Venmo: (click to launch Venmo)

              Venmo info: @Jeff-Jurgens-2 (email:

              If it asks for my phone#, 518-605-6026


Check:  Make it out to Jeff Jurgens


We are really looking forward to sharing this experience with you! Please reach out if you have any questions. Thank you!  Jeff

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